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High Standard AMT BackUp

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AMT BackUp 45 Left View

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Manufacturer’s Description

The High Standard AMT BackUp is a double-action-only semiauto pistol built on a stainless steel frame with a stainless steel slide, and chambered in .45 ACP, .400 Corbon, .40 SW, .38 Super or 9mm. Features include:

The AMT BackUp from the left.

The AMT BackUp from the left.

  • A locking barrel action;
  • a grooved slide sight; and
  • fiberglass checkered grips.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.45 ACP, .40 SW, .400 Corbon 5+1 3″ 5.75″ 1″ 4.0625″ 25 oz.
.38 Super, 9mm 6+1 3″ 5.75″ 1″ 4.0625″ 23 oz.

MSRP: $525 (.45 ACP, .40 SW, .38 Super, 9mm)
MSRP: $625 (.400 Corbon)

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The AMT BackUp from the right.

The AMT BackUp from the right.

5 thoughts on “High Standard AMT BackUp

  1. Gary Emch

    I have an amt 45 backup DAO and found it to be the best gun I’ve ever owned along with the amt 380 backup SS. These guns are durable and extremely easy to take down for cleaning. I can’t say enough about the stainless steel that they’re totally made of. I wouldn’t own anyother gun than these. They kept me alive when two guys tried to rob me in a store parking lot. One guy had a knife pulled the other stood behind me. I came out of that situation the winner.

  2. Paul

    Just got one of the new Hi Standard Backup’s in 40 S&W what a great improvement from the old AMT backup’s, current carry gun is a Kahr PM40 so this will nice as a back up in the same caliber. Surprisingly it doesn’t recoil anything like I thought it would, while not a target gun it will get the job done. Did the little trick of rubber cementing in a piece of string trimmer line in the front sight channel, big improvement.

  3. Jim Milner

    Looking at a 40 cal. Is High Standard using a new slide stamped AMT – Houston, Texas, or using the old AMT logo slide? Also, is there any printing on the right hand side? Not sure if it’s a new gun or an older gun with a new slide. It’s in an older AMT cardboard box, not a newer plastic one. Thanks. Jim

  4. Al Thompson

    Have 3 of these guns in 45 ACP Two paired for carry in left and right hand holsters, and a third in a versacarry rig. Luv ’em! They are the AMT guns, NOT the new Hi Standard, but they all function just fine. Trick with these guns is that you simply CAN NOT LIMP WRIST THEM! Do your job of providing a firm wrist, and the guns will do theirs.

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