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Para Black Ops Recon

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Para Black Ops Recon

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Summary: The description, specs, photo, pricing, user ratings and user comments for Para’s Black Ops Recon pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

Para‘s Black Ops Recon is a double-stack, 1911-style pistol built on a stainless steel frame and chambered in .45 ACP. Other features include:

  • A 4.25″ match grade barrel;
  • a stainless steel slide with serrations front and rear;
  • an HD extractor;Para Black Ops Recon
  • an ambidextrous thumb safety;
  • a picatinny accessory rail;
  • Trijicon three-dot night sights;
  • a beavertail grip safety;
  • 25 lpi checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing;
  • a black, IonBond finish;
  • VZ G10 grips; and
  • two eight-round magazines.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Weight
.45 ACP 14+1 4.25″ n/a n/a n/a
9mm 18+1 4.25″ n/a n/a n/a

MSRP: $1,299

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6 thoughts on “Para Black Ops Recon

  1. Jed Henson

    Good catch, Ben. For some reason Para’s spec sheet says 8 rounds, but you’re right, it’s 14. I corrected it above.

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  3. Jed Henson

    Brian, in it’s spec sheet for this pistol, Para says it’s delivering it now. So if you poke around with online stores and distributors, maybe you can find one? The spec sheet was written Jan. 7.

  4. Ric

    When I received this side arm, I’ll have to say I was excited to get a double stack 1911. The excitement soon ended. First 500 rounds had a lock-up or cycle failure ever other round. I am firing NEW Remington and Winchester FMJ as well as Golden Saber +P rounds. All three types fail to cycle every other to every third round. Skip ahead 1000 more rounds. I was told by customer service that it takes 500-750 rounds to break in. Still same issues. Gun will not cycle dependably. I sent it back to Para for repairs. Was retuned it me in two weeks with no details on work done. Gun still will not cycle now at close to 1750 rounds. Para will not refund my money or send me a new gun. In my opinion POS, do not buy. Go with the Kimber Warrior.

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