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SIG Sauer P238 Liberty

The P238 Liberty

3 thoughts on “SIG Sauer P238 Liberty

  1. Pa.Bill

    A wonderful little gun. Picked it up 9-11-2010. Have fired a bunch of mixed ammo and it eats everything. The extra mag was a bit pricee!!

  2. Jerry Vines

    Took my new P238 to the range. I had cleaned it prior to going. It functioned perfectly with hardball and several kinds of hollow point. It is pleasant to shoot. I think best pocket holster is to get an Uncle Mike’s inside the pants holster, cut the threads that hold the belt clip and discard the belt clip. Then use it as a pocket holster. It also covers the safety. I found that the same sight-pusher used on the 1911 pistol works fine on the P238 for sight adjustment. It will be my carry pistol most of the time from now on. I carry it cocked and locked (condition 1) because I trust the safety.

  3. Pa.Bill

    Yes – great little gun.Its one of those guns a person keeps forever. I tried other holsters to carry in pocket. They work and don’t print but I’m just not confortable that way. I keep going back the to holseter that came with the gun.
    The safety: We all have a habit of keeping with what we first learn.I have no doubt the 238’s safety works just fine. For me, any gun, rifle saftey I used very little. One of the first things I learned was ‘A safety is a mechanical devise and mechanical devises fail’. It goes with the old US Military 1911/45 memo on.45 mags. ‘When loading a 1911 mag, and the mag holes 7, only 6 will be loaded’. No matter what mag, I still do that.

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