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GunsGunsGuns.net is dedicated to providing our visitors with independent gun reviews, thorough gun descriptions, gun ratings and comments from our visitors, and, when possible, current prices from online gun stores. We want our site to become the #1 destination for folks looking to perform research before they purchase a firearm to ensure they get the right gun at the best price.

For now, we’re focused on handguns. Currently we have 1,679 handgun pages covering a huge variety of guns, from little .22 caliber plinkers up to .50 caliber hand cannons. Our pages include semiautos, revolvers and derringers from 101 manufacturers, and just about all of them are currently in production. Eighty three of those pages feature in-depth handgun reviews written by our editor-experts.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., please contact us. If you’d like to see info on a gun you can’t find in our listings, let us know and we’ll do our best to pull that information together. And if you have any info on, experience with or opinions on any of the handguns on this site, please feel free to add your ratings by clicking the appropriate star on that gun’s page, and/or to add your comments. Bottom line: We want your input!

Enjoy the site!

—Jed Henson, president

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  1. Trent Brady

    after the last shot on my wife’s hi point 9mm she looked for the release button to chamber a new round from the mag she inserted. Could not find release button as on other pistols? what is the method to chamber new round?

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  2. Gerald Lewis

    Are AMT Hard Baller Stainless .45 in new condition worth anything?

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