Holster Roundup: the Back Pocket Holsters

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wallet holster line art photoIn recent years, the popularity of pocketguns has exploded. According to my last count, 22 companies are producing 50 different pocketgun models (click here to see them all in a spreadsheet).

If you own a pocketgun, you need a pocket holster, and that market has also exploded. A huge variety of pocket holsters currently exists, accomodating a wide range of pocketguns, pocket sizes and carry methods.

In this holster roundup, I’ve pulled together information on the 37 pants back pocket holsters I’m currently aware of. Most of these holsters are wallet-style holsters; that is, when carried in your back pocket, it looks to onlookers as if you have just a wallet in your pocket. And due to the somewhat similar size of all back pockets, most of the below back pocket holsters are designed for semiauto-type pocketguns:

ManufacturersModelPhotoWallet Style?PriceAmazon Rating (w/margin of error)See on Amazon
Ace CaseRuger LCP Pocket HolsterAce Case Ruger LCP holster photonot really$12.004.2 ±.01Amazon.com icon
Active Pro GearLeather Wallet Concealment HolsterActive Pro Gear wallet holster photoYes$40.00none yetAmazon.com icon
Aker LeatherPocket Protector ExpressAker Leather Pocket Protector ExpressYes$55.82none yetAmazon.com icon
Alabama HolsterBack Pocket HolsterAlabama Holster back pocket holster photoYes$40.00n/an/a
Allen CompanyBaseline Pocket HolsterAllen Baseline pocket holster photonot really$7-$354.9 ±0.3Amazon.com icon
Azula Gun HolstersITP Wallet HolsterAzula Gun Holsters wallet holster photoYes$49.954.5 ±1.0Amazon.com icon
BORAIIEagle Pocket HolsterBoraii Eagle pocket holster photonot really$24.484.2 ±0.5Amazon.com icon
Braids HolstersWallet and Pocket Combo holstersBraids Holsters wallet holster photoYes$33.004.0 ±1.2Amazon.com icon
Bulldog CasesWallet HolsterBulldog Cases wallet holster photoYes$14.002 ±1.0Amazon.com icon
Crossbreed HolstersPocket RocketCrossbreed Holsters Pocket Rocketnot really$32.95n/an/a
Crossbreed HolstersCargo Pocket RocketCrossbreed Holsters Cargo Pocket Rocket photonot really$36.95n/an/a
Crossbreed HolstersNAA Pocket HolsterCrossbreed Holsters NAA Pocket Rocket photonot really$29.95n/an/a
Daltech ForcePP2 Small Gun Pocket HolsterDaltech Force pocket holster photoYes$25.994.6 ±0.4Amazon.com icon
DeSantis HolstersTricksterDesantis Trickstser holster photoYes$23.004.2 ±0.4Amazon.com icon
DeSantis HolstersPocket ShotDesantis Pocket Shot holster photoYes, sorta$44.99n/an/a
DTOM HolsterBack Pocket SUEDE Leather HolsterDTOM back pocket holster photoYes$19.924.4 ±0.7Amazon.com icon
ETW HolstersPocket HolsterETW Pocket Holster photoYesn/an/an/a
FrontlineRear Pocket Leather HolsterFrontline Rear Pocket Holster photoYes$51.504.3 ±1.0Amazon.com icon
G-CodePocket Kydex HolsterG-Code Pockey Kydex Holster photonot really$37.45n/an/a
Gould & GoodrichWallet Holster - 702Gould Goodrich wallet holster photoYes$17.004.6 ±0.6Amazon.com icon
Hedley HolstersBack Pocket HolsterHedley Holsters Back Pocket holster photoYes$65.00n/an/a
Hunter CompanyPocket HolsterHunter Holster Pocket Holster photoYes$30.724.4 ±0.5Amazon.com icon
J&J Leather StoreWallet HolsterJJ Wallet Holster photoYes$37.953.7 ±0.7Amazon.com icon
Jackson LeatherworkWallet HolsterJackson Leatherwork wallet holster photoYes$150ish?n/an/a
Kevin's Concealment HolstersWallet HolsterKevins Concealment Holsters Wallet Holster photoYes$39.003.5 ±0.6Amazon.com icon
Kramer Handgun LeatherPocket Gun HolsterKramer Leather Pocket Holster photonot really$99.00n/an/a
MTR Custom LeatherBack Pocket Holster (B-6)MTR Custom Leather Back Pocket Holster B6 photoYes$49.99n/an/a
PocketHolsters.comPocket HolstersPocketHolsters pocket holster photoYes$65ishn/an/a
Pro Tech OutdoorsSuede Leather Back Pocket Wallet HolsterPro Tech Outdoors Wallet Holster photoYes$24.974.1 ±0.3Amazon.com icon
RecluseRecluse OS, TS, Solo, etc.Recluse TS Solo photoYes$59.95n/an/a
RemoraIllusionRemora Illusion photoYes$24.95n/an/a
SafarilandModel 22 Wallet Profile HolsterSafariland Model 22 holster photoYes$37.00n/an/a
Stoner HolstersBack Pocket HolstersStoner Holsters Back Pocket Holster photoYes$48.00n/an/a
Tagua GunleatherPK5 Back Pocket HolsterTagua Back Pocket Holster photoYes$25-$303.7 ±0.7Amazon.com icon
Talon HolstersConcealed Carry Wallet & Cargo Pocket Leather HolstersTalon wallet holster photoYes$39.95–$49.954.2 ±.01Amazon.com icon
Uncle George's Wallet HolstersWallet HolsterUncle Georges Wallet Holster photoYes$45.00n/an/a
Uncle Mike'sAdvanced Concealment ItpUncle Mikes Advanced Concealment ltp photoYes$16.99-$21.944.5 ±0.4Amazon.com icon

If I’ve failed to include a model, please let me know via the Contact form or via the Comment form at the bottom of this article.

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