Metro Arms American Classic II

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Summary: The description, specs, photos and pricing for the Metro Arms American Classic II pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Metro Arms American Classic II is a full-size 1911-style pistol built on a 4140 steel frame and chambered in .45 ACP. Features include:

  • A slide constructed of 4140 hammer-forged steel;
  • a dovetail front sight;
  • a Novak-style rear sight;
  • a flared ejection port;
  • an extended slide stop;
  • a beavertail grip safety
  • a combat hammer;
  • a combat trigger;
  • front and rear slide serrations;
  • an extended thumb safety;
  • a throated, forged-steel barrel;
  • a checkered hardwood grip with a diamond cut;
  • an eight-round magazine with a bumper pad; and
  • either a deep blue or hard-chrome finish.

Note: Eagle Imports imports these pistols into the United States.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.45 ACP 8+1 5″ 8.375″ 1.25″ 5.5″ 37.28 oz. empty

MSRP: $585 (blue)
MSRP: $685 (chrome)
MSRP: $646 (duotone)

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6 thoughts on “Metro Arms American Classic II

  1. mikie

    Great gun at a better price I have put 500 rounds in this 1911 and have had no hiccups. It shoots a little high,or i just suck. I love the trigger and the build quality.

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  2. David

    Extraordinarily well executed and finish, slop free tolerances resulting from precision CNC and hand fitting, a bargain price.

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  3. DevilDoc 83

    This is one fine sidearm. Having cut my teeth with the Govt. issue Colt 1911, this piece performs along the same lines as the Kimber for a helluva lot less. Dead accurate out to about 35 yds. and shoots a little high with lighter grain ammo. The one I purchased has a particular liking for hollow points, holding a better group with this ammo. I’m thinking about getting another one.

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  4. jim

    great pistol for he price.shoots as good as my range officer

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  5. Michael Stephens

    I bought this gun about a year ago and have shot about 5000 rounds through it with no issues. It is very accurate and never let’s me down. It’s one of my favorite 1911s to shoot.

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  6. CJ

    I recently purchased a new American Classic II I found from one dealer for a paltry $374.99 and it not only beats hands down 5 of 7 1911’s I’ve owned (Para, Llama, Ati, Vietnam era Colt etc.) But also was every bit as good as my newer Colt Commander and $2000 Kimber!
    As stated, the tolerances on this weapon is as good as it could be, and the 1st I’ve owned besides the Colt Commander and Kimber that needed several mods after buying to get up to my requirements. It has extended safety, slide catch, and mag drop button. Also an adjustable skeletonized trigger and hammer. Even the feed ramp is polished to high sheen and it ate everything I ran through it flawlessly, from very cheap 230 gr ball to high end 185 gr +P rounds. Accuracy amazing out of the box, giving me 8/10 shots in the 2″ circle at 20 yds. I now have over 599 rds through this weapon without one ftf, fte, stovepipe, etc.
    You want a PERFECT 1911 for a great price (mine was a fluke deal, most cost $475 to just under $600), then grab American Classic II

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