Super Six Classic Bison Bull

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and user ratings for the Super Six Classic Bison Bull revolver.

Manufacturer’s Description

Super Six Classic‘s Bison Bull revolver is a six-shot revolver chambered in .45-70. It’s built in Wisconsin on a manganese-bronze frame with a 4140 chrome-moly steel cylinder and barrel. The hammer, trigger and front sight base are also built with manganese-bronze, while the grips are hewn from exotic hardwood.

Features include:Super Six Bison Bull

  • A 10″ octagonal, custom Badger barrel;
  • a manual cross-bolt safety;
  • a fully adjustable Millet rear sight;
  • a ramp blade front sight; and
  • an integral scope mount.

The Bison Bull comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Height Width Weight
.45-70 6 17.5″ 10″ n/a n/a 6 lbs.

MSRP: $1,495

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5 thoughts on “Super Six Classic Bison Bull

  1. Jospeh

    I am looking to buy my father the super six classic bison bull but cant seem to find it can some one help me out

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  2. Jed Henson

    Hmm, it looks like their Web site no longer exists–maybe they went out of business? I’d keep an eye out for one at gun auction and classifieds sites (e.g., GunBroker, GunsAmerica, etc.).

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  3. Eric Dierking

    I live in Florida, I’m a huge fan of the .45-70 caliber. I shoot the Sharps Buffalo rifle and just reciently purchased the Golden Bison Bull Super Six Limited in the wooden presentation case. Are there any enthusiasts clubs for the Super Six or even fans of the caliber for that matter? I love reloading these rounds and I and I really love the Bison Bull. There seems to be so little on the web for this beautiful revolver. Anyone know where the cool people are hanging out?

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  4. Steve Putchinski

    My grandfather just passed and left me a 45/70 Golden Bison Bull. It was purchased in 1989 from Super Six Limited. Would anyone know the approx. value ?

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  5. Eric Dierking

    It would depend on the model. BISON BULL – GOLDEN BISON BULL LIMITED or the CENTENNIAL BULL.
    I believe they made several thousand BISON BULLS – 200 GOLDEN BISON BULL LTD’s and only 20 of the CENTENNIAL models. Although they all seem to be the same except for the engravings, the smaller the run, the more valuable the gun.

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