Taurus 1911 Officer

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing and photos of the Taurus 1911 Officer pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Taurus 1911 Officer is a 1911-style pistol built on a shortened steel frame with a shortened steel slide, and chambered in .45 ACP. Other features include:

  • A monochromatic matte black on matte black finish;
  • Novak drift adjustable front and rear sights;

    Taurus 1911 Officer right side photo

    The 1911 Officer from the right.

  • a left-side thumb safety;
  • an extended beavertail grip safety;
  • a lightened, three-hole trigger;
  • rear-only cocking serrations on the slide;
  • checkered black grips;
  • frontstrap and backstrap checkering; and
  • a six-round magazine.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity OAL BBL WI HI WT
.45 ACP 6+1 7.2″ 3.5″ 1.25″ 5.1″ 34.5 oz.

Pricing & Shopping

MSRP: $609

Retail: TBD

More Photos

Taurus 1911 Officer left side photo

The 1911 Officer from the left.

2 thoughts on “Taurus 1911 Officer

  1. Kraig Kline

    I am having a problem with my Taurus 1911 Officer. I have found instructions on line on how to break down my 1911 Officer, but I am having trouble removing the spring and rod I can not get it to clear so I can remove the barrel. When I watched them do it on line, he removed his with no problem. However mine will not clear and it’s driving me crazy. Please help me. I need to do this so I can properly clean my firearm!!

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  2. robby sargent

    Did you figure this out? Just bought one and am having same problem.


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